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H-Trader for HitBTC

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H-Trader for HitBTC

Hit Trader is the first app in store to provide dedicated 3rd party access to HitBTC exchange*.
It provides swift and smooth access to several key features that are a must for every trader.
- Ticker of all cryptocurrency pairs available on Exchange (searchable!)
- Candlestick charts with all data and periods covering from 1 hour to 3 months.
- Orderbooks for trading pairs will help you find the resistance points and understand the dynamic (new)
- Swipe to add to favorites and you will have instant access to the ones you are interested the most.
- New analytics engine will filter out the ones you might be most interested in!
- Analytics engine includes following views:
- Top movers
- Bottom movers
- Top volume tickers.
- Latest coins! (new)
- Enable push notifications for significant news! (High volume, high percentage change, new coins listed!)
Pls take a look into the screenshots.
- Display your personal balances on every coin
- Display your trading history
- Display your open orders
- Alerts. You can configure threshold for any currency pair value and we will send you an on-screen notification once that level is reached
- Icon can show you the value of selected currency pair so you don't even need to open the app to stay up to date.
- Today widget for quick access to your favorites just by swiping to your today screen
- Apple Watch integration! Now you can have see the current prices just by raising your wrist. Complications supported.

You will be amazed how quickly you can get the data you want. No more web-site browsing!

Please note:
- This application does not enable trading of crypto assets, you will need to use original web site for such services.
- This application is not affiliated or endorsed by HitBTC. It uses Public API in accordance with Terms and conditions of HitBTC.