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Häfele Connect

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Häfele Connect

With Häfele Connect you can use your smartphone/iPhone or tablet/iPad to control all components of the Loox LED lighting system and many other functional fittings in your Smart Home that are controllable via Bluetooth through Connect BLE boxes.
The Häfele Connect app offers extensive control options, including the control of electric fittings in furniture and rooms.

The Häfele Connect functions in detail:

- On/off switching and dimming of lights.
- On/off switching and dimming of multi white lights, setting of colour temperature.
- On/off switching and dimming of RGB lights, setting of light colour.
- Pre-setting of individual light scenarios for various occasions.
- On/off switching of sound.
- Control of TV lifts, electric sliding doors or other electric drives from the Häfele range.
- Individual or group applications with various scenarios and areas.

Setting up the app takes no time at all – it is easy and intuitive with just one click.

Special features:

Everything immediately within reach:

With the Häfele Connect app you can control all of your lights and electric fittings at a glance, individually or in groups. For example, create a group for the kitchen, the office or shop lighting and conveniently turn all lights in the group on and off. When your living room turns into a home cinema, dim all the lights with just one click.

Ingenious photo control:

With the Gallery, the Häfele Connect app provides intuitive light control of the highest quality. Take a photo of your rooms, mark the lights in the photo and control the room’s atmosphere directly in the photo.

Retrievable scenes for all occasions:

Create individual scenes for various events that can be called up at any time. In these scenes, save the appropriate lighting and the position and function of your electronic fittings – for dinner, the workplace or a promotion in the shop, for example. Imagination knows no bounds.

Securely share your network with friends and colleagues:

The app offers four security levels for sharing your network in Häfele Connect with others. They can be set up in no time. All changes will be automatically synchronised on all devices in the shared networks via the Häfele Connect Cloud Service.
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