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9BMetrics connects to your Ninebot One, Kingsong, Gotway or InMotion and logs wheel information:

- Speed
- Current
- Voltage
- Power
- Pitch and Roll (only in Ninebot)

and combines it with the altitude change from the iPhone barometer and the GPS data.

Please be aware aware that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Also if blocking lock screen is enable battery life will be shorter.

Each log may be analyzed graphically or exported in a ZIP file that includes a CSV file for each variable and a .gpx file for the GPS data.

A special mode allows to debug connection information between the wheel and the original Ninebot application (or other).

Another one simulates a real Ninebot One wheel so you may test applications with out the wheel.

An Apple Watch module allows to control your speed, remaining battery and km, distance and time simply from your watch while your phone is secure in your barg or pocket.
Francisco Gorina Vanrell