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Gym Workouts

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Gym Workouts

Gym and workout tracking app. Plan gym programs with days, exercises and sets. Follow your progress with history, metrics and charts. Get overview for the current and past years and easily compare workout time or number of gym visits.

Smart editor for adjusting weights and reps. Add extra exercise during ongoign workout session. Share programs with friends.

Seamless integration with Apple Watch. Traing just with Apple Watch and data is synced to iPhone after it is reachable again.

iCould is used for backups but does not reuqire online access otherwise. No tracking of personal data.

Key Features
- Apple Watch app
- Create workout programs with days and sets
- Active gym or any sport workout tracking
- Check sets done during workout
- Adjust reps and weights on the fly
- Create and organize own exercises and follow your 1 Rep Max
- Record and view history in detail
- Keep log of all sport types
- Find new interesting exercises
- Offline, app is very fast and does not use data plan
- Share programs with friends
- Charts for top rep history and muscle group overview
- iCloud backups
- Track workout of any sport
- Assign any sport to a workout program

Apple Watch Features
- Can run workout independently without phone after syncing programs
- Apple Health integration
- Full sync with during and after workout
- Mark sets done during workout
- Adjust reps and weights on the fly

Premium Details
Premium version allows creating new gym programs. The free version is fully usable.

Permission requests
Health is used to record burned calories and workouts.
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