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Gym Partner

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Gym Partner

Gym Partner Plus - Your Ultimate Fitness Journey Companion

Gym Partner Plus is the premier tracking app tailored specifically for weight training. It supports your workouts anytime, anywhere, delivering optimal results towards your fitness goals.

Key Features:

Simple and User-Friendly Interface: Gym Partner Plus is built with a clean design, allowing you to easily record your workouts with intuitive controls.

Workout Logging: Record the weight, repetitions, and sets for each exercise, and track progress by comparing with past sessions.

Apple Watch Integration: Fully compatible with inputting and displaying workout data on Apple Watch. Record your workouts conveniently from your wrist.

Custom Workout Plans: Create custom training plans tailored to your goals to optimize performance.

Progress Tracking: Record progress with each training session, displayed in charts and graphs for easy visualization. Keep motivated by visualizing your growth.

Gym Partner Plus provides everything you need for your fitness journey. Start today and strive towards becoming your best self.
shohei hayashi