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Gym Logger is the quintessential tool for logging and tracking workouts.

Built with a user-centered design to help you approach your workout goals with a plan and produce the best possible results at the gym. If you are a powerlifter, a runner, or just looking to build strength Gym Logger will help you stay on track.

You can easily create progressive barbell routines such as those you would find in StrongLifts 5x5, but with Gym Logger you can easily customize exercise sets and reps to create your own variations of workouts. Unlike other fitness apps our pricing is simple. You pay only $4.99 once and get all the features of Gym Logger and plus all new features for free!

• The most intuitive interface of any fitness app
• Choose from a variety of strength and cardio exercises and create your own exercises.
• Use your Apple Watch to log workouts. Workout seamlessly with or without your iPhone.
• Create your own workouts and setup a schedule to receive reminders.
• Coaching cues for all exercises with new exercises added on request.
• Advanced stats show your progress over time.
• Auto Rest Timer allows you to keep track of breaks. Customizable for every exercise!
• Support many exercise types including Cardio, Weighted body weight, Assisted body weight, duration and reps only.
• Mark sets as warm up, 1 rep max, failure or drop sets
• Track your progress with graphs for Volume, Sets, Reps, Toughest sets, and 1RM Progression.
• Automatically back up your data on iCloud!
• Support for Apple Health allows you to track calories burned and sync workouts with Activity App
• Warm Up Set generator tells you which weights to warm up with. Customizable by training type.
• Support for Imperial (lbs) and Metric (kg) weights, or a combination of both
• Add notes to workouts and exercise groups
• Share workouts with friends!
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