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Gut diary

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Gut diary

The stress or sleeping disturbance are closely associated with the changes in heart rate and result in affecting abdominal comfort, or bowel habits.

“Gut diary” will help you lead healthier and happier life by tracking your physical, psychological, and social activities.

You can record the daily bowel habits, diet, sleeping cycle, exercise and other social activity details on the app and synchronize with iPhone Health Kit or other wearable devices to obtain the heart rate data. By tracking your total daily activity, you maybe able to discover the certain pattern of abdominal conditions and identify the influence factor. You can also record a “little happiness” you have experienced during the day which can be a positive factor to your bowel activity.

You have an easy access to the screen and can record several data at the same time.
You can enter the abdominal pain and stool shape easily from Apple Watch.

Please note that it is not possible to diagnose or treat someone with this application.
Keietsu Yasuhara