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Gunning 4 Fitness

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Gunning 4 Fitness

It is never too late to start your own health and fitness journey. You are never too old, weak, busy or under/over weight to change your life. I know it can be overwhelming knowing where to start with your nutrition and knowing which workouts will help you gain confidence, build muscle and lose body fat.

That is exactly why I created a strength program that will guide you in finding your WHY and then creating the right mindset to set you up for success. I will teach you how to change your daily habits and stay consistent with your nutrition and workout plan so that you reach your goals even when you lack motivation.

I am excited to be able to help you find your healthiest and strongest version!

Program details:
- Progressive Overload Strength Training program to help you build muscle and lose body fat
- Home program includes 4 strength workouts and 3 follow along hiit cardio workouts
- Gym program includes 5 strength workouts and 3 follow along hiit cardio workouts
- 2-3 minute videos for each exercise to show you how to perform the movement properly
- Modifications for each exercise to accommodate for every skill level from beginner to advanced
- Enter all of your weights so that you can track your strength gains
- Track your progress with uploading body stats and pictures each month
- Calories/macros provided for you as a guide for how much to eat
- Guidance on all things nutrition including how to change your habits and eat according to your body type
- Connect to MyFitnessPal and wearable devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit
- Monthly group zoom calls with me covering numerous topics to help you reach your goals
- One on one coaching option available for those that want a more personalized plan

Gunning 4 Fitness LLC