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Guardian Monitor

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Guardian Monitor

Note, the App should not be used to make medical decisions. Use it at your own risk.

Guardian Monitor is an app that take only reads glucose values from the one of available CGM service and it doesn’t change any settings on it.

To use this App, you must have your own account of the original service, since authorization is required, without which the App will not work.

The App extends the standard functionality with its own alarm mechanism, in which you can configure reaching, predicting the glucose limit and no readings from the service.
In addition, it is possible to set the application to run in the background, thanks to the playback of the standby sound, which will turn into an alarm when necessary.

Other features include:
- glycemic and statistics charts
- ability to turn on the snooze
- Apple Watch support
- Widget extension with chart and last glucose value

More details can be found at:
Facebook Group:
Kacper Rychlinski