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Guardian Anti-Theft Alarm

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Guardian Anti-Theft Alarm


This is the new app, Guardian, here to protect your phone from thieves, naughty dogs and jealous girlfriends/boyfriends.

You just need to click on the motion function, lock your screen and put your phone down.
If anyone picks it up, the alarm will go off!! And it can only be deactivated by your fingerprint!

It needs to be activated every time, so no need to worry about it ringing when you don’t want to.

We also have the one and only watch function.
Just have your app launched on your phone and, at any time, you can activate your alarm from your watch!
This way, if someone snatches the phone from your hand, they are going to be left with a screaming phone in their hands!

It’s all free! No catch!
So enjoy
Marina Veneziano