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Daily Petrol Diesel Prices

by Skycap
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Daily Petrol Diesel Prices

by Skycap
Recently Indian government made two big announcements
- gst (goods & services tax)
- petrol, diesel, gas prices revision on daily basis

These two announcements created major difference in common people’s life. Now price of all daily stuff has been changed. For some people these announcements are on good side but few still trying to incorporate their self with these changes.

India is country with different type of people some understand GST and Fuel ( petrol, diesel, gas ) price and some don’t. To make everything simple for all users, we created one free app for all.
GST Rate finder and Petrol Diesel Price in India.

Features of Daily Petrol Diesel Price in India

- Check rate in app calculate total before making the payment.
- Simple & quick way to know FUEL Price in your City in India. BEST Utility app for India.
- Check all cities prices
- Search your city
- Pin your favourite cities for quick access
- Check rate history
- Compare with other cities
- Compare multiple petrol pump rates (IOC, HP, BP etc)
- Multiple petrol pumps data available like - IOC, HP, BP etc


* Mumbai
* Delhi
* Kolkata
* Chennai
* Ahmedabad
* Chandigarh
* Lucknow
* Ambala
* Ludhiana
* Bangalore
* Gurgaon
* Noida
* Jaipur
* Mohali
* Hyderabad

and many more. Rates for more than 500 cities available in this app.

Features of GST RATE Finder

- Search by name of any item
- Check GST range for different items
- Different categories for Goods and Services
- Easy to navigate and find
- Easy to use UI
- Multiple themes

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