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Your important places GROUPED!

Do you want to collect interesting places with location and remarks in easy to use, private, shared or public collections?

GROUPED! can be used to share your real-time location to your family, friends and interest groups and can track other joined group members in real time.

With GROUPED! you can collect your important places to groups and easily share them privately or publicly.

Places can be added with your current location, given coordinates or address. Information for places and users includes name, description, image and valid scheme (url or app). And because of GROUPED! Firebase realtime database every single update is instantly available for every user of your shared group. GROUPED! map shows users who are online and moving and what was their last known location. Turn on nearby notifications and you will be notified when another user or place of your group is nearby.

Chat room is open for places and users. Every created place and joined user have it’s own shared chat room. There is also a chat for every shared GROUPED group (GRPD) too, of course. You can also share images within chat.

You can create new private groups and share them to your family, friends or interest groups. All data, “chat rooms” and images are open only to those who are invited to the same private group. And there are no uninvited guests lurking around. Every single group user is listed within group users.

Your location is shared ONLY to one active group at a time. So create groups for work and freetime and change active group whenever you want. Of course you can turn off location sharing if necessary.

You can also create public groups for sharing only locations of places. This feature is handy for distributing public open data like locations of public weather cameras, public transport stations and stops, business locations, etc. Examples:
Citybike Networks (World):
GID: -KziZB1b7u3JB8Yw8TRM
Digitraffic Weather Cameras (Finland):
GID: -KyKj0RysggLSDxxBPcR

You can change private GROUPED! group to public GROUPED! Group from group page. This group page contains also powerful import feature to import CSV-data to GROUPED! group.

All you need is to create an account with email or sign in with your existing Google, Facebook or Twitter account and link it with GROUPED! app. You may also start to test app anonymously with anonymous sign in, but then some advanced app features are not available.

GROUPED! is powered by Firebase, realtime database from Google. Therefore you can count on GROUPED! authentication, speed and availability.
GROUPED! is designed to all sizes of Apple devices and uses latest features of iOS.
GROUPED! is free to use because of small (almost invisible :-)) banner ads.

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