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Group Star Charts

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Group Star Charts

Group Star Charts is an effective way to encourage good behavior using a simple and clear system of positive feedback based on awarding stars.

The app's appearance and user interface is deliberately simple to make it easy to use and understandable by children of all ages. There is a row for each child which clearly shows the number of stars they have. Tap a row to add a star (up to 99 or a chart-specific target, if required). It's that easy.

Tips to get the most out of a Group Star Charts:
• Reward good behavior immediately so your child associates the awarding of a star with their behavior.
• Don't take stars away. Rewarding positive behavior is more effective than punishing bad behavior.
• For older children, setting a target number of stars to reach and sorting by star count can encourage healthy competition.
• Create multiple charts for different behaviours or targets.
• It's great for parents but can also be used by teachers or club leaders to track rewards for multiple groups of children.
• Can also be used for adults, e.g. tracking scores while playing a board game.

***** "Everything I have found until this app have been either overly-complicated or too narrow in focus (just specializing in chores for instance). The multiple chart option allows me to customize stars/points based on any category of work or behavior that I want and the simple interface makes on-the-go tracking a snap." - Androshay, USA.

***** "I use this app for several large group classes I teach & it's been insanely popular with the kids (ages 3-7). They BEG to be quizzed on material we've covered so they can earn 'points'! Love the 'bing' sound each point makes when you award them, which can be heard across the room & really excites everyone. :). Recent update allows for multiple charts, so I can use them for different classes. Awesome!" — Smokdrogi, USA.

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Geoff Hackworth