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Grocery List AR

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Grocery List AR

Grocery List AR enables you to easily create a grocery list from arbitrary full text like typed recipes, ingredient lists, menu cards, product labels etc. Just scan text from screen or paper with your camera, the app will display the groceries that are contained in the text in an augmented reality view next to their occurrence. By touching the groceries in the augmented reality view they can easily be added to your grocery list.

- Scan full text for groceries in near real time
- Contained groceries are displayed in the augmented reality view next to their text occurrence
- Manage your grocery list with ease, add groceries to the list by touching on them in the augmented reality view
- Manually add groceries to the list by pressing + icon in the grocery list view
- Share your grocery list with other people via SMS, Mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.
- Grocery list is shared with your Apple Watch

- AR node styling, choose between red and black
- Enable amount and unit recognition (active by default)
- Enable a visual feedback for text recognition (inactive by default)
- Change between two optical character recognition languages, english and german

* The app can not recognize handwritten texts
* App logo tomato vector image is from macrovector @
Christian Mahler