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Groceries List

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Groceries List

Bring your shopping list into the 21st century! We have completely revolutionised the humble grocery list.

Our app allows you to create a groceries list where your items are categorised into typical aisles found in all supermarkets. This allows you to quickly check off items you’ve picked up and find nearby items that you need easily.

Groceries List fully supports the Apple Watch. This allows you to glance at your wrist to see what items you need. You can also check off items and load up lists on your Apple Watch.

You can save your lists so that you can access them later. This helps save you time as you no longer need to write the same list every week.

- Easily create and save your groceries list.
- Apple Watch support, manage your list on your wrist.
- Your list is categorised by aisle types, which will reduce the amount of time you spend in store.
- Check off items you have picked up.

We know you will love using our app on your iPhone and Apple Watch. You’ll save so much time! If you enjoy our app, please let your friends know. Feel free to email us if you would like to suggest any new features.
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