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A simple and delightful companion app for making the best cup of coffee.

We made Grind so anyone can make a better cup a coffee. From the newbie who was just gifted a French Press, to the pro who wants a fun timer and customizable weight calculation app, Grind has you covered.

Grind offers brewing recipes for the most common brew methods. Simply swipe to the the brewing method you want to use, swipe to the amount of coffee you want to make, hit "Brew" and enjoy making a great cup of joe.

~Brew Methods~

* French Press
* Chemex
* Generic Drip Coffee Maker
* Aeropress
* Aeropress (Inverted Method)

~The Right Amount~

You tell Grind the size and quantity of the cup you want to make and it will tell you exactly how much coffee and water to use. You can even tell Grind if you want a stronger or milder cup and it will adjust the amounts for you automatically.

Have a scale? Great! Grind supports changing the units for coffee and water to grams, ounces, milliliters, and fluid ounces. If you don't have one, don't worry, it also support tablespoons, Aeropress scoops, and cups.

~Apple Watch~

Use Apple Watch to select and start a brew, just like on the iPhone. Grind will guide you through the same steps and help you make a delicious cup of coffee. You can even force press on the mug screen to change the number of cups you want to make so you can share with your friends.
John Conway