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TheGRID BEACON is a new breakthrough implementation of a simple yet secure authentication & authorization services for Internet applications. By leveraging the growing adoption of smartphones, TheGRID BEACON mobile application and its supporting backend components effectively transforms a mobile phone into a powerful platform for an out-of-band, second-factor authentication & authorization device.

Operating as a software application on a smartphone unique to each user, TheGRID BEACON sends a cryptographically signed token (a beacon) to TheGRID Authentication Server. These beacons can be an authentication request or an authorization request. Most importantly, beacons are sent over the data channel of the smartphone itself and physically separated from the original data channel used by the user to access the website; hence out-of-band. TheGRID BEACON application is also simplistic in design. The user simply toggles a button to activate or deactivate a beacon. The complexity of the transmitted beacon is hidden from the user. TheGRID BEACON essentially gives the user a personal remote control to his/her online identity.
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