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Greek Orth Calendar

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Greek Orth Calendar

Original Greek Orthodox calendar for WatchOS!
#1 current application related to Greek Orthodox names days and holidays!

NOW AVAILABLE, the newest version of the Greek Orthodox Calendar!

With a simple touch, you will have a brief summary of each day on how it relates to the Orthodox religion. When viewing details for a specific day, you will see all the Saints and Feasts for that day, as well as what parts of the Bible to read. Days for fasting are indicated with icons as to what is allowed to eat for that day.

More features of the app include:
* Quick notification of how many names celebrating on current date
* Daily list of names celebrated for that day
* Plan ahead with an Easter (Pascha) calculator

Don’t miss the next celebration…download the Greek Orthodox Calendar today!


If you don't find a name celebrated or identify an issue in our days celebrated feel free to send an email to [email protected] - Thank you.

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