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Create and manage your shopping lists or todo lists, send them via iMessage, or handle them with your Apple Watch.
Link your entries with barcodes.
New: Copy your entries from one list into another.

The best at a glance:

- Create and manage lists and entries for any matter
- Optimized display for iOS 11 and the iPhone X
- Link your entries with barcodes
- Copy your entries from one list into another. For example, you can create a list for each recipe and copy it into your shopping list, when you need it.
- Within a list, undone entries are always at the top. So you can see at a glance what is still to be done
- Add any additional information to each entry directly when you create it. These appear below the entry
- At a glance, you can see how many entries per list are open
- Sort your lists and entries as you want
- Use it completely offline
- Simple, fast and intuitive operation
- Create a list for each event
- Easy search of lists and entries
- No duplicate entries
- Send your lists via iMessage
- Receive lists via iMessage
- Accidentally deleted? Get lists, sent via iMessage, back at any time from the conversation
- Apple Watch App with complications
- Manage entries easily on the Apple Watch without having the iPhone nearby
- Optimized display for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

"Why should I pay for it?"

Your app, your data:

- All functions are inclusive without In-App-purchases
- No subscription
- No account needed
- No registration
- No advertising
- No tracking
- The app does not collect, store or share any personal information.

The very best:

You get new features automatically by update. For free and forever!
Benjamin Jeep