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Great Arrow Navi

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Great Arrow Navi

*AppleWatch only.

Great Navigation with distance and direction only with Apple Watch!
Unlike the route navigation application that uses a map, you can navigate to a destination by distance and direction only.

For models with GPS, Applewatch will work independently.

■Recommended you.
- Want to take a walk for free.
- Want to grab the distance to the destination and walk.
- Want to go to places I don't know.
- Want to find shortest distance.
- Can't Read Map...

Watch App
- Distance and direction navigation
- Register waypoints

iPhone App
- Register waypoints from the map
- Search the destination and register the waypoint
- Register to the waypoint using latitude and longitude
- Edit waypoint

■How to use
First register Home and waypoint.
Register your position by watch and register location information from iPhone from map.

Synchronize with your iPhone in the app's location list, and the watch will synchronize with the location you registered on your iPhone.

From the list of Watchapp, tap the location and navigate to the destination.
If you start Navi, please walk anyway.
It is a mechanism that confirms the direction of walking by walking and shows the direction to the destination.
(On the Apple Watch Series 5 or later, you can also use the compass.)

When you come to a place that you are interested in or want to come back to while moving, you can quit navigating and easily register a destination from the destination list screen.
Yuki Yoshinaga