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Greann Gaeilge

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Greann Gaeilge

Learn Irish Gaeilge, now with a game to make learning fun! Did you know there's confetti involved?! And hints! Sometimes you just need a little help. This is no ordinary language app.

Greann Gaeilge is customized for Irish Gaeilge, the language you want to learn! We don't make apps for every language, just Gaeilge. And there are no ads.

And it supports many features of Apple's platforms, making it easier, faster, and more fun for you to learn! Sure, there's an iPhone app, but there's also an iPad app that's customized for your iPad (it's not just a giant iPhone app). The iPhone & iPad apps include Widgets, so Greann Gaeilge is always there on your Home Screen and Lock Screen. There's an Apple Watch app, so it's always with you wherever you go! The Apple Watch version includes complications, so it's always right there in front of you, making it quick & convenient to learn. And there's an Apple TV app that can be used to learn both at home and in a classroom setting!

In addition to the usual vocabulary, it includes grammar, and a detailed look at the alphabet.

Want your writing to stand out? Use the old-style conventions we show you.

Are you a serious student of the Irish Language, also known as Gaeilge? Then this is the app for you.

Greann Gaeilge makes it easy for you to learn the Irish alphabet, vocabulary, and grammar:

• The alphabet section shows you each letter in a modern and a seanchló font, and shows each letter with a fada, lenition, and eclipsis, where appropriate. We show you the dot-over-the-letter notation to represent lenition of consonants. It even includes examples of each letter in Ogham, an old alphabet used for inscribing stones; and Katie Holten's Irish Trees font, which represents each letter with a tree, bush, or vine (based on the Ogham name for each letter).

• The vocabulary section introduces a few categories of words, including weather, climate change, and time & dates, featuring numbers-based vocabulary for telling time with an analog clock.

• Greann Gaeilge teaches you how to conjugate Irish verbs and prepositional pronouns (do, duit, dom, etc.)), and it's expandable. There are currently two upgrades available, and these in-app purchases work on all your devices: iPhone, iPad, & Apple TV.

• The Dictionary tab has a simple dictionary that you can search in English or Gaeilge, finding words that start with, contain, or end with your search term/characters.

Please leave a review to tell us what you like about the app, whether you use it in a classroom setting, and what you want to see in the future.

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