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Gratuity for Apple Watch is the fastest and easiest way to calculate a tip at a restaurant. Gratuity on your wrist means you don’t need to get your phone out of the your pocket. The dark red color scheme is perfect for the romantic lighting in a restaurant. Instead of trying to cram a small keypad onto the watch, Gratuity has been designed to take advantage of the Digital Crown. Spinning the Digital Crown allows you to quickly find and choose the Bill. After choosing the Bill, Gratuity recommends a Tip and gives you options above and below that recommendation.
Infinite List
Large Bill and Tip Amounts can be selected. When the list of amounts reaches the upper limit, there is a larger button to get higher Bill Amounts.
Settings sync between Gratuity for iOS and Gratuity for Apple Watch. All settings are accessible the from the Apple Watch and take effect immediately.
When Gratuity is run for the first time, it presents a tutorial so the user knows to use the Digital Crown to scroll through the long list of Bill Amounts. This tutorial only appears the first time.
Saturday Apps

Jeffrey Bergier is a professional designer that likes making apps in his spare time, usually on Saturdays. The many examples of tip calculators on the App Store didn’t match the tipping paradigm we used in restaurants, so he made Gratuity for iOS. He is really excited to release Gratuity for Apple Watch and bring this tipping paradigm to an exciting new platform.