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Hi there, I am Pritesh — maker of the Gratitude app, a great tool to bring more gratitude into your lives.

The Gratitude app was born out of a personal need and I had initially built the app for myself. In June 2017, my family and I were struggling with many problems. We were in a constant state of negativity, frustration, and anxiety. My dad was a victim of politics at his job, my mother was not keeping well, my sister and I were struggling at our jobs and figuring out what to do. It felt as if we were constantly attracting negativity and things felt like they were becoming even worse.

We consulted spiritual healers and therapists. I attended mind power workshops, read a lot of self-help books, and even asked for help from friends and family. I won’t deny that reading the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne had a huge positive impact on me.
While doing all these, I actively started to focus more on the positives, to count my blessings. I understood and absorbed the fact that if I keep complaining about the things that I lack, no matter what I achieve, I’ll continue to be anxious or worrying about things that I lack(at that time). More importantly, I realized that the most important reason for staying unhappy was when we spent all the time thinking about “I” or “me” or “myself” — being self-centered.

I started writing and expressing thanks for the little things that happened to me. It wasn’t easy. It was difficult at the start. In fact, at the beginning things seem to feel even worse. Because, I was expecting things to change sooner and when that didn’t happen early on, I started questioning the whole concept of Gratitude. But I wondered, what is the harm in doing it anyway? There’s nothing to lose.
Right now, I’m not exaggerating when I say that I feel magical after expressing, writing, and harboring Grateful thoughts. I eventually succeeded in convincing my family too to try and focus on the positive, and now after quite a hard time, all of us are doing great. Over time, I think we realized that we shouldn’t be chasing the wrong things and attach our happiness to them. I built this app because I wanted a private place to write my grateful thoughts, to remind me to focus on the positive, and to give it colors. The app has been my happy place.

The app is a great tool to reminds us about the little things that we can take for granted. You can set multiple reminders for making you consistent at feeling grateful and finding gratitude for new things every day. On difficult days, you can look back and read up your old journal entries. They are great for uplifting your mood. If you are stuck or find it boring, the app gives you ideas on what you could be grateful for. Lots of our users love adding images to their journals. These become cherishable memories for a lifetime. The app also allows you to write a letter of thank you to someone that brought value to you.

Self Affirmations:
Lots of our users asked us for also including affirmations. This is the second tab in the app. These self-affirmations are great for improving your self-talk and self-image. You can customize your affirmations with background images, adding your voice, and background music. You can also discover new affirmations from our handpicked ones.

Daily Zen:
Every day, the app brings to you inspiring quotes, affirmations, and gratitude stories from other users.

Vision Board:
There's a place in the app that you can use to visualize your goals every day. You can add several photos related to your dreams and play these every day with background music.

If you have any questions about the app or getting start with your Gratitude Journaling Journey, please don’t hesitate to write to me at [email protected]

We don’t support family sharing of In-App Purchase inside the app.
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