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GRaPL is a music player app that is designed for those that need more control over how music is played.

For dance instructors, choir directors, school play directors, fitness motivators, or anyone that wants to play songs behind a performance or activity and might need to control what happens at the end of a song, or need to rehearse portions of a song over and over, this app is designed for you!

For example, at the end of a particular song, would you like it to advance to the next song and wait, continue playing, loop, loop and wait, or return to the top of the playlist?

Also, when scrubbing through a song to begin rehearsing at a specific spot, GRaPL allows much more control than the typical thumb sliders by providing a high resolution waveform* of the song allowing you to easily scroll to just the right spot in the song. GRaPL also provides multiple types of markers to allow you to return to the same spots over and over.

If you would like to trim off the beginning or end of a song, GRaPL offers "In" and "Out" points eliminating the need to edit songs for such a purpose.

GRaPL also supports Apple Music allowing you to take advantage of your membership to play songs (some limitations apply).

* Waveform displays are only provided for songs that have been purchased an downloaded to your device. High resolution scrolling is still supported but without the display of the sound waveform.
Scott Gribben