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Find all the endings that you need of Slovak words, fast and clear. Also find the core rules for generating them so you can learn them.

Dedicated to the learner, easy and simplified, yet extensive and broad. Examples help making sense of it all.

This is a convenient way to keep the core of Slovak grammar in your pocket - or on your wrist - accessible all the time. As it contains the core of the rules, you can use it for studying as well. It even contains a separate section that is meant for the student to learn by heart. Some very common mistakes that foreigners do are listed so that you can avoid them too!

The app contains sound recordings and more are on the way. The app shows how to express times and dates, and contains many useful lists for the learner, such as abbreviations and signs. It even helps you to count and use mathematical expressions.

This app is the starting point of a range of learning tools being released by zlent solutions.

This app is also completely clean, we made a decision not to collect personal information, nor to show any advertisements.
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