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Load a GPX file from file app of iPhone (from Dropbox, from iCloud, …) to show the graphical altitude profile of that GPX file. 

The blue graph shows the altitude in meters and the distance in kilometers.

The altitude profile could be shown 0-based (from altitude 0 meters) or not 0-based (from the current altitude of the GPX file).

The course of the loaded GPX file is additionally shown in „Google Maps“ or in „Apple Maps“.

Start a live track recording (for example for hiking).

The green altitude profile of the live track recording is also shown like the loaded GPX file and the course is also shown in „Google Maps“ or „Apple Maps“.

It is possible, to configure a voice output to show an alarm after a special distance of hiking.

Save the loaded GPX file as a KML file via file app of iPhone (to Dropbox, to iCloud, …).

Save the live recorded track as a GPX file via file app of iPhone to the device (to Dropbox, to iCloud, …).

5. Outdoor Workout function:

If a AppleWatch is connected to the iPhone and the according Apple Watch app of GpxAltitude is started on AppleWatch, it is possible, to start and save a full outdoor workout.

A started workout has to be paused first to stop it.

The workout modes could be Walking (Hiking), Running, Cycling.

The user has to give fully access to Health Kit of iPhone, that the current heart rate and calories consumption could be transmitted from AppleWatch to iPhone.

In that case a red heart rate curve and a green calories consumption curve is additionally shown.
Michael Dieterle