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GPS Watch Workout

by Utsire
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GPS Watch Workout

by Utsire
This app allows Apple Watch owners to record a GPS track while recording their workout and upload the track to Strava or export it as a GPX file.

When used with Apple Watch Series 2 you can leave your phone at home and still record a track using your watch's GPS.

Workouts can be uploaded to Strava directly from your watch. This either uses your phone's internet connection, or if you are in range of a known Wi-Fi network or have a watch that supports cellular, you can upload from your Watch without your phone being involved at all.

Workouts are recorded on your Watch and then automatically synced when your phone is in range. Your route can then be viewed on a map and then either uploaded to Strava or exported to other apps as a GPX file.

Don't worry if your Watch battery runs it or something goes wrong while recording - the portion that was recorded will be automatically recovered the next time you open the Watch app.

Workouts recorded with this app are also saved to the Health app. None of your Health data is read or otherwise used by this app.