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GPS tag for Sightseeing in Japan

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GPS tag for Sightseeing in Japan

It renewed the application name in the "GPS tag".

To put a sticky note (Fusen) to book or note, let's paste a sticky note on the location.
Its tag the GPS information is entered, it is seen if you go to that location.

● app description of

Please leave if the display of information stuck to the location. You can GPS is paste the information, even to the place you can receive. Though, as spring sticky notes on books and note (Shi Fusen), let's location to paste the GPS tag.

PC and smartphone, to view the location where you want to register from a tablet in the map, text and photos to it, paste, etc. URL. For example, all right that location even somewhere in the small island of the sea. When you look at most, but it may be not realistic do not because you can not go up there, for example Toka Tatefuda instead of a fork in the road of the mountain trails, such as the notes to the dangerous places might say.

In any case, it is from smartphone to see the GPS tag registered to do so. In the vicinity of the registered location, by simply pressing the "GPS" button in the application, the information can be seen. Any number of times you can see all in close order.

Widely when that only certain people to not be seen to anyone, because you put to set a PIN code in the information, it is safe because the only people that have put it in the smartphone is seen.

Stations and bus stops, because the toilet, etc. has become to be displayed to a wider range, is more easy to find.

Registration can now be registered in multiple languages. Because you can be displayed in 15 languages ​​such as English and Chinese, it will be displayed, if there is information in the language that you have set in the app.

● use example

And tourism to the guide at the required location of the spot or guide
And toilet, station, convenience store, in the guide, such as bus stop
- Meeting place with friends and to the message instead of the usual
And other in the guide and a description of all of the places and spaces where the GPS to function

● How to use (to the people you want to paste the GPS tag)

And user registration on the official website ( (information is required only register those who wish to outbound), please login. Automatically you will be able to register / edit up to 10 locations and to register.

Of each location, title and contents, location specified to display the map, and publish the like.

● How to use (to the people you want to see the GPS tag)

In this app, by simply pressing the button called GPS, it will be displayed, if there is information in the vicinity. If anything, it does not appear.

● Restrictions

- Error will occur in utilizing relationship GPS.
- Not in a connection to the GPS at the same time as the Internet and does not work.
For information about what-have been registered, at our company we do not assume the responsibility.

● For Home

Official site of the GPS tag

Here, and the user registration If you want to transmit information, then a login, please refer to the editing of information you want to display.

※ Please note: The phrase "GPS Fusen" are currently in trademark registration application.
Masahiro Adachi