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GPS Orienteering

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GPS Orienteering

Get ready to revolutionize your orienteering experience with GPS Orienteering!

GPS Orienteering allows you to create and run orienteering courses, as well as participate in events. It uses the GPS in your phone to track your progress during the race and automatically punch at virtual control points, eliminating the need for physical orienteering flags. After completing the race, you can view and compare your result and track with other participants.

Premium users have the additional ability to create multiple courses and events for other users to participate in with four different course types to choose from - standard orienteering, free order orienteering, rogaining, and scatter orienteering. Premium also gives you the ability to follow runners on the map in real-time with the LiveTrack feature, analyze results by viewing and replaying tracks on the map and to run courses using Apple Watch.

Say goodbye to the hassle of setting up physical control points and join the GPS Orienteering community today!

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