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We are Gowtu and strive for greener cities. Gowtu believes that everyone in urban areas should have access to affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly transport without being directly tied to high fixed costs. That is why Gowtu will make electric, environmentally friendly transport available in urban areas in the Netherlands. For everyone with a scooter driving license it will be possible to rent our clean, green, quiet and sustainable means of transport per minute via the Gowtu app. Gowtu's electric self-service cars have low emissions and are a joy to drive, getting you where you need to be quickly and comfortably without increasing your carbon footprint. Gowtu offers a smart, sustainable way to travel quickly and comfortably through the city and aims to revolutionize sustainable urban transport. Gowtu forms a community where sustainability, accessibility and convenience are key. We have ambitious plans for sustainable sharing transport. Want to know more about us? Do you have a suggestion or ideas? Send us an email ([email protected]) or visit our website (
Gowtu Sharing B.V.