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GoSUP is the only Stand-Up-Paddle App exclusively made for the Apple Watch.

Track all your SUP-Sessions and access them later for a detailed analysis.

GoSUP provides following features:
- Standalone App: Runs without your iPhone and solely on the Apple Watch. There's no iPhone Companion App available.
- Paddlstroke detection: A fine tuned algorithm detects the stroke side and the stroke efficiency
- HealtKit integration: Synchronizes your sessions and routes with HealthKit. All sessions are available in the Fitness App on the iPhone (distance is missing due to HealthKit limitations)
- Route: See the route you paddled
- Pace statistics: See your speed within the session
- Live statistics: Analyse your current progress during a session
- Compass: See your current direction and the direction to your starting point (including distance). Only available for Apple Watch Series 5 and newer
- Complications: Choose from different complications to start GoSUP from your personalised watchface

Installation: If you installed the App from the iPhone, it can happen that it does not appear on the watch. Sometimes the download from the iPhone can’t be started again and the installation icon is grayed out.
If you experience this behaviour, proceed as followed: 1.) Open the AppStore on the Apple Watch. 2.) Scroll to "Account" 3.) Choose "Purchased" 4.) Search GoSUP and tap on the "Cloud"-icon

If you like GoSUP we would be very thankful for a review and it would help us to deliver you even more features in the future.

Enjoy your ride & GoSUP!
Sascha Thöni