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Good Sleep

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Good Sleep

AutoSleep Tracking for Apple Watch:
* All you need to do is wear your Apple Watch to sleep.
* Automatically logs your data 24/7 to analyze your sleep (including naps!)
* AI-functionality analyses your sleep patterns. If you’re moving more or less than other users, our app adjusts automatically to your personal patterns.
* The GoodSleep Sleep Score provides you with detailed metrics and clear diagnostics to help you understand your sleep patterns.
* Fully integrated with the Health App, GoodSleep syncs automatically.
* View completely your sleep history.

Smart Alarm Clock for Apple Watch:
* Wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Our smart alarm gently eases you out of deep sleep.
* Simply set the time you want to wake up invigorated and renewed.
* A simple interface and no need to use workout mode preserves your battery life.
Gentle on your wrist, there will be no disturbances for your partner.

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