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Good Habits Developing GOLD

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Good Habits Developing GOLD


We are very excited to support this app on the brand new Apple Watch!

Habits have a huge influence on our life. They can be good or bad, but anyway we can control them. It is a quite hard thing to do, though important on the way to success. To get something in the habit, you need to practice it for 21 days, and it will become a reflex.

To help you we designed a Good Habits Developing app. Create new habits, write necessary information and track your progress with this app. Control your habits and increase your productivity.

How to use: enter a habit you want to develop and the starting date. You can add the information every day: what did you do, how long, was it hard or not. Track your progress and don't give up Good Habits Developing.

Good Habits Developing features:
- take notes about your activity every day;
- your incentive and reminder to keep habits developing;
- track your progress on Apple Watch;
- view previous entries;
- unlock different achievements.

Track your activity and control yourself every day with Good Habits Developing! This app will help you to increase your productivity and spend time only on useful habits!
Lifestyle Guru, LLC