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Ready to up your golf game?
GolfOK allows you to record, evaluate and improve your swing comparing with your past swing, professional golfer, your golf-mate.
Your coach can send you lessons, advices, information how to approach golf course.
Once you download your sessions you do not need internet to operate.
As a coach you and can compare drawing specific key-points to become more effective and provide high quality education.
Use the new Apple Watch interface: friendly and immediate

News about versione 1.03:

In a very simple way you can map the golf course where you normally play or in which you will have to play a match. For each Tee, just indicate the Green and the Tee Marker on the map. GolfOK thinks of the rest. This allows you at any time to know the distance from the surrounding obstacles and to view the path as "bird flight". Useful for refining the technique and the game strategy.

You can insert the "advice of Caddy" that will be useful before you play the hole and, mind you visualize the path, you can listen to them.

The playgrounds so mapped can be shared with your friends who use GolfOK or you can publish them on the website of your club available to guests.
In the App you will see some examples of such a mapped field.
Dario Fusero