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The GOLFBUDDY Smart App allows you to connect your smartphone with any GOLFBUDDY Bluetooth enabled device. You can update single individual courses on-the-go (internet and GPS satellite connection required) via Bluetooth and also search nearby golf courses.
The app tracks your steps, distances traveled, calories burned, and transforms this information into easy-to-read info graphics.

Course Updates:
With this app, you will always play with the latest course data on your GOLFBUDDY Bluetooth enabled device.

Track your steps, distances, and calories via a simple and clean interface on your phone.

Find GOLFBUDDY unit:
Use your GOLFBUDDY App to find your GOLFBUDDY unit within a close range by making the screen light up and the unit vibrate.

It is the ability to send (cast) the player’s yardages, and other golf GPS features from GOLFBUDDY GPS devices to an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch screen wirelessly when synced via Bluetooth through the GOLFBUDDY Smart App. Once set up, “GOLFBUDDY Smart” will be available with just a simple press of a button.

This feature is limited to Bluetooth range and the device needs to be connected via Bluetooth.

App currently supports:
· VoiceX
· aim W10
· aim V10
· More coming soon

Using the app will require you to register your unit to access our golf course database and additional features. All free!
GolfzonDeca Inc.