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A brilliantly simple app that helps with golf alignment and break.

To get aligned:
- Tap on Alignment from the main screen.
- Point the arrow at something along the target line and tap 'Set Target' button. 
If you are using the watch app, anchor your fist in front of your body so the top of the watch is facing in the general direction of the target. Face the target so your chest is pointing directly at the target and tap 'Set Target' button.
- Keep the device where it is and take your set up.
- When the device/body becomes perpendicular, it will notify you.
- Tap the 'Stop' button to start over.

To check the break:
- Tap on Lie from the main screen.
- Anchor the device to your body
- Start walking towards the hole and observe the change in the lie.
- If you move the device, you can tap the Reset button the zero out the lie.
Thomas Yoon