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Golf X Stats

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Golf X Stats

If you are tired of returning home feeling that you didn't play golf to your potential or unhappy about being beaten up frequently by your golfing partners, Golf X Stats can give your game the 'X' factor you've been missing!

Golf X Stats is a complete, feature rich, iOS app that provides a very comprehensive set of graphs and tables to assist you to identify and focus on the areas where improvement in your golf game could be made.

What are your best and worst holes for putting, strokes and general scoring? How often does your tee shot hit the fairway or green? Result: (15/18) 83% this round! Where are you losing the most strokes on average? Do I start my round well and finish badly? Do I putt poorly on the first few greens? How many putts per round is average for a golfer on my handicap? These are just a few of the questions that Golf X Stats can help you answer.

Golf X Stats can be used with either an iPhone or an iPad to enter and save your statistics for analysis after your round concludes, now even easier with new entry options. An Apple Watch can be used without disrupting the flow of your game to collect statistics as you play. One press on the Apple Watch at the end of the round is all that is required to save your rounds data to your iPhone. An iPhone 5 or later is required for Apple Watch pairing.

Extensive graphs and statistical analysis will show you where you need to direct your focus and practice in order to lower your strokes on each hole that you play. Golf X Stats has been designed to help you identify weaknesses from the tee, on every hole, to the green right throughout your round.

Golf X Stats can store your golfing data in your iCloud account and share it between your iPhone and iPad (iOS) or our other Apps if you have them: Golf By Stats (Mac OS) and Golf X Stats TV (tvOS) where 'big screen' review is possible.

Enter your golf round statistics once and you're not confined to any one platform Golf X Stats and Golf By Stats allow you to use iOS, tvOS and Mac OS in any combination.

A single purchase enables the Universal iOS App to be run on either iPhone, iPad or both.
Robert Nutting