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Golf X Stats Lite

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Golf X Stats Lite

Golf X Stats Lite will track your game from 'Tee to Green' and if you want to upgrade to the feature rich Golf X Stats, it's easy and you can transfer your statistics made with the Lite version.

Using your Apple Watch, Golf X Stats Lite can track your strokes and putts during your round or you can use an iPhone or iPad after your golf round concludes. Golf X Stats Lite also tracks bunkers and hazards hole by hole and stroke by stroke. Golf X Stats Lite provides key statistics on your total strokes, strokes 'tee to green' and putting. What are your three best and worst holes for putting and strokes? What is your average score, handicap, GIRs, Pars, Birdies and Bogies?

Golf X Stats Lite can be used with either an iPhone or an iPad to enter and save your statistics for analysis after your round concludes or if you have an Apple Watch, it can be used without disrupting the flow of your game to collect key statistics as you play. One press on the Apple Watch at the end of the round is all that is required to save your rounds data to your iPhone. An iPhone 5 or later is required for Apple Watch pairing. You don't need to carry your phone with you while playing.

Round by Round and overall Statistical Analysis will show you where you need to direct your focus and practice in order to lower your strokes on each hole that you play.

Golf X Stats Lite records are fully compatible with 'Golf X Stats' which provides a deeper and more comprehensive statistical and graphical analysis. You can start with the Lite version of Golf X Stats and upgrade at any time, keeping the statistics for the golf that you have already played.

Golf X Stats Lite can back-up and share your golfing data via your iCloud account between your iPhone and iPad or Golf By Stats (Mac OS X) and also Golf X Stats TV where 'big screen' review is possible. All data is private to your iCloud account and your devices.

A single purchase will enable the Universal iOS App to be run on either iPhone, iPad or both.

When you know and understand your game, your on the path to playing better more enjoyable golf!
Robert Nutting