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Golf Swing Feedback

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Golf Swing Feedback

This is an application that works with your apple watch. Don’t download if you don’t have one.

Wear the watch on your golf leading hand. The application will measure the top speed of your golf swing and your swing tempo using the accelerometer of your Apple watch.

There is a setting in the watch that will recite a phrase to guide you in your swing tempo. This is useful for beginners.

Another feature allows you to set your desired golf swing speed range and swing tempo. The application will let you know if you have met your goals after the swing. Instant feedback through sound will be given without the need to look at the watch face or phone. Data is sent to your phone for historical records and review.

Research has shown that many good golfers swing with a 3:1 tempo. Upswing is 3 times slower than downswing. Does it work similarly for you? What is your ideal swing tempo?

This application measures your swing tempo. Together with other information you key, it can reveal information about your swing. You may hit better with certain tempo. Having a consistent rhythm makes you a better golfer.

One thing to note. This application measures your arm speed using apple watch, and not club head speed. Club head speed could be affected by your wrist action.

This application register your golf activity in HealthKit.
Simon Goh