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Golf Game for Apple Watch

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Golf Game for Apple Watch

All the fun of an actual golf video game designed only for your AppleWatch!
No ads or in-app purchases, pay once and play without limits.

Hit the green!
Tee off and see if your aim is accurate! Are you pro enough to make par?
9 holes are awaiting for you in the Palms and Firs virtual Golf Course. This is a very fast golf simulator, realistic but easy to master. Play when you have a moment, resume the game whenever you want.

Aim to the flag and be aware of the wind, the water hazards and bunkers. Select the perfect club and make par or even a birdie. Click the golfer to start the power/accuracy columns, click again to make the swing at the power level you want. Watch the slope of the green before making a putt.

Golf Game for Apple Watch is a golf simulator game that works ONLY on Apple Watch, don't buy it if you don't have an Apple Watch.

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Eduardo Chimenos Sanchez de Badajoz