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Golden Days

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Golden Days

Never miss important days. Golden Days keeps track on dates that are special to you. Not only informing you on time but it'll also keep the memories attached to the day.

* Key Features
- D-day Countdown, Annual repeating days, Count from Day one

- Remember your Previous Birthdays
: Golden Days shows slideshow with relevant photos from photo library which are picked automatically according to your days

- Prepare with Multiple Alerts
: Customize and setup dates to get alerts automatically.

- Notes : Jot down your feelings about the day
- App Icon Badge : Days left for upcoming events or count for certain event
- Apple Watch : Status right on your wrist with watchOS 2 support. Glance and complications are also supported.

- iCloud Sync
- Share through Twitter/Facebook
- Today Widget
- 3D Touch Quick Actions, Peek and Pop

Visit for detail information about the app. :D

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