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Welcome to Gola, a beautiful, playful app that helps you keep track of all your bigger goals!

With Gola, you can select from four different types of goals to suit your needs. Whether you want to save up for a dream vacation, hit a fitness milestone, or learn a new skill, Gola has got you covered.

SINGLE GOAL - This is the generic single-task goal (e.g. Learn a new skill)
SUB-GOALS - You need to finish multiple goals to complete this
PROGRESS GOAL - A goal on which you will make progress as the year passes (e.g. Run 43KM)
VALUE GOAL - Same as progress, but you need to give each input a title and date (e.g Read 12 books)
OPEN PROGRESS - This progress goal completes when the year is finished (e.g. Swim as much as possible)

Customise the app with one of the five available themes and select a nice icon for each goal to personalise your experience. 

Keep your goals front and centre with reminders to check in and stay on track.
And with the Siri shortcuts feature, you can ask Siri to help you keep track of your goals. Just say, "Hey Siri, show me my goals in Gola", and we will do the rest.
So start setting and tracking your goals with Gola today and see how far you can go!

■ Full features
- Create different types of goals
- Get reminded via notifications whenever you want
- Add icons to your goals for more joy
- Setup shortcuts to check in on your goals
- See how far the year progresses as we go (we're already on 1% right now?!)
- Add widgets to your Home Screen to see the year's progress (and soon your goals) or to quickly open Gola
- Select one of the five currently available themes to use the app in a color that you like
- Sort your goals by Creation Date or Last Updated
- Change between Dark and Light mode (more later)
- Disable silent mode, and you'll hear fun little sounds as you make progress and create goals
- Confetti when you complete a goal!
- Accessible to everyone
- Control if you like haptics or not
- Private goals - Have goals that you only want visible to your own eyes? now you can set them up

And this is just the beginning... There is a lot of fun new features planned to be added really soon!

Fun fact: Gola means “Grow” in Sepedi, and I found that quite fitting


The free version of Gola is free forever and contains no ads. If you’re looking for the best way to track a few of your bigger goals, then downloading this app is a great place to start.

With an in-app subscription to Gola Pro or a one-time purchase, you’ll get the following things: unlimited goals, more types of goals, advanced settings and access to all future features


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