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by V2FE
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by V2FE
Open your garage door or gate from your iPhone!
Download the GoGogate 2 app to open or close your garage door or gate with your iPhone or iPad.

This App works with the GoGoGate 2 device that can be purchased separately at

The GoGogate app will connect your iPhone or iPad to the GoGogate device via your Wi-Fi home network or internet

Product details:

*This APP (when used in conjunction with the GoGoGate 2 device) will open up to 3 garage doors
*Garage door status alert: Shows if your garage doors are Open or Closed
*Clean, Intuitive and User Friendly Interface
*Unlimited number of users can download the app and operate a single garage
*100% Secure with AES encryption technology
*Connect a IP camera to GogoGate to see what is happen in your garage (up to 3 cameras, one for each door)
*Remote Access

Compatible with all Garage door openers.

Advanced Settings:

The GoGogate device can also be configured via the APP to operate other relay based products such as electric blinds or sprinkler systems.