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“Not playing videogames has never been this much fun” - Jim Sterling, GamesRadar (iPhone Game of the Day)
"This game has made me laugh more than any other I've played in recent memory" - GamePro (App Store Games of the Week)
"Ultimately, GodVille is a fun, funny, incredibly clever little game" - Destructoid

Welcome to a self-playing comedy game about gods, heroes, and lack of subordination. Want to be a deity? A hero of yours is totally ready to ignore your wishes.

It's a parody take on MMORPG and levelling. Here you can do literally nothing, while your character progresses on his own, writing a story on the go. Or you could show this mortal your will and control him (unsuccessfully). Either way, it'll be lots of fun. And puns. Lots of them.

The game requires persistent internet connection.

PS: If you're having a problem with the game please contact us using Menu-> Feedback within the app or via email [email protected]
Michael Platov