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goCollect! by Tap

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goCollect! by Tap

Send out invoices/bills with goCollect, the easy, quick and secure way to collect payments & keep track of your bills.

goCollect is easy to use and gives you powerful features to bill, track & collect payments at your fingertips. You can view your bills & send out reminders plus have them shared on various apps including social media.

It’s like having all your business payment essentials in your pocket.

This version includes the following features :
1. Send Bills - Send out an invoice/bill in two simple steps, locally & abroad, via email & SMS

2. Contacts - Select a customer from your contacts & all the details will be pre-filled for easy, quick billing

3. My Bills - View your list of sent out bills with a snapshot of your customers’ bill activity

4. Track - Detailed tracking of the customer’s bill activity

5. Notifications - Get notified on every received payment

6. My Payments - View your list of paid bills

7. View - View the details of a sent out invoice/bill

8. Share - Share an invoice/bill on various apps including WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, FB Messenger & many more...

9. Reminders - Send out bill reminders to customers

10. Duplicate - Duplicate an invoice/bill & send it out to another customer

11. Search - Search for bills from your list

12. Cancel - Cancel a customer’s invoice/bill

13. Refund - Refund a paid bill to a customer

14. Multi Currency - Support to all major currencies in the Middle East including global currencies $ € £

Supported payment options :
goCollect supports payment options from major debit and credit cards including Visa and MasterCard. Being based from the Middle East, it also supports regional payment options such as KNET along with others.
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