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Goalcurve Dash

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Goalcurve Dash

Designed for long-term use.

Backed by studies demonstrating the effectiveness of daily weighing.

Filters data using a proprietary digital signal processing technique, inspired by real weight loss.

Connects with Fitbit Aria and Withings smart scales for easy updating*.


- Works with Apple Health for maximum personal privacy.
- Takes only moments a day. Our compact design approach reduces continuous weight management to its most essential elements.
- Combines with any healthy diet, and adapts automatically to changes in activity.
- No hassles. Priced to own, ad-free.


Dash is intended for well adults. It is not suitable for pregnant individuals, minors, or anyone with a history of chronic underweight.

Please consider using this software under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner.


*Third-party scale services are subject to availability.

GOALCURVE®, Loss Rate Score™, Net Burn™, and On Track™ are trade marks of Goalcurve Pty. Ltd.
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