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Goalcurve Dash

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Goalcurve Dash

Dash is a weight tracking dashboard, based on the concept of non-linear goal setting.

Why Goalcurve?

Traditional weight loss means trying to lose the same amount each week, until hitting your goal. This idea looks like a straight line, from what you weight now, to your goal.

At Goalcurve, we think that approach is better when the expected loss rate decreases over time.

Our system plots a new course each day, slowly reducing the speed of weight loss according to progress. Each daily goal falls on a curve that slopes gently towards maintenance, and aims to put you in the “on track” zone where losses are comfortable and sustainable.

We designed Dash for long-term use, so you can use it for losing weight and maintaining.

Weigh daily for best results.


Dash uses proprietary measurements to help gauge your progress.

- Loss Rate Score gives a simple number to indicate whether your weight is increasing, decreasing within the suggested range, or faster than the suggested range.

- Net Burn lets you see how much weight you're losing each day, based on a recent average.

- BMI Estimate uses a moving average to filter out minor fluctuations, giving a better idea of your current weight than the raw figure from your scale.


- Works with Apple Health for maximum personal privacy.

- Takes only moments a day. Our design approach reduces continuous weight management to its most essential elements.

- Combines with any healthy diet, and adapts automatically to changes in activity.

- No ads or subscriptions.


Dash is intended for well adults. It is not suitable for pregnant individuals, minors, or anyone with a history of chronic underweight.

Please consider using this software under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner.
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