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Goal In!

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Goal In!

The "Goal In" assist for hobby joggers who want to finish the marathon race by the time limit with enjoy.
It works with Apple Watch. You don't need to take out the iPhone from your pocket anymore.

- Do you have any experiences that you cannot finish the marathon by the time limit just before the goal?
- Do you have any experiences that you finished the race only few minutes left?
At your first-half you over paced then tired at last-half.

If you have those experiences, it will be sure to assist your Marathon Life.
You can check the time with your plan by it when you pass the distance signboard.

- You are going to reach 10Km distance signboard.
- Take out your iPhone and double tap 10Km cell then push "Pass" button.
- Just do it on the race.
- "I don't have a time to stop at the signboard!"
- That’s OK!
You’ll find an aid station more few hundreds meter toward.
Let's record your time at the aid station as take a short break.
- "I concerned my record will not be marked exactly."
- If you concerned about that, you don't need it.
The "Goal In!" is made for hobby joggers.
- You do not have to record at all signboards.
You can record when you have time.

After version 2.0, Support the Apple Watch.
After version 1.2, Twitter is default function.