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Go Tip is a beautiful, feature rich, accurate tip calculator that lets you calculate tip on the go, right from your wrist.

Go Tip lets you enter the bill amount, tip %, and party size in 3 convenient ways.

Go Tip calculates and tells you the tip total, bill total with tip added, and split for each person.

It is hard to find another tip calculator with this many features, looks this good, and is as simple and intuitive as Go Tip. But it is easy to fall in love with Go Tip.

Highlights at a Glance:

• With QuickTip mode, preset tip % for good, normal, and bad service. Just enter the bill amount and select the preset tip. Change the preset anytime. See image #2 above.
• With Stepper mode, enter bill, tip %, and split using + & - stepper buttons. Select each digit individually and set it quickly as desired. See image #1 above.
• With Keypad mode, enter bill, tip %, and split using number keys. The calculator style layout lets you enter the values naturally. See image #3 above.
• Conveniently sized and adequately spaced buttons makes it easy to set or enter the values.
• Clearly labeled buttons makes it easy to understand how they are used.
• Switch between the modes anytime. The values you entered are not lost. No need to reenter them again.
• Get a detailed report that includes bill amount, tip %, party size, bill total with tip added, and split for each person. See image #4 above.
• Most advanced computing method guaranties the most accurate tip calculation to the penny.
• Change the look anytime and choose from 7 mind-blowing color themes that suit your personal taste, mood, style, attire, and occasion. See image #5 above.
• Exclusively built for Apple Watch. Runs only on Apple Watch.

Make your next tip with Go Tip. We value your feedback and comments. Please write a review on iTunes. Tell your family and friends about Go Tip.

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