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Go MAP!情報交換BBSチャット for Pokémon GO

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Go MAP!情報交換BBSチャット for Pokémon GO

Popular Pokemon GO 100 times fun is to become MAP type alternating current tool!
How to enjoy Pokemon GO! It www Tsu be trainer why happily share

Uninteresting I was playing with one person! While Tsu that impairs the real thrill it was the monster get in let alone tricks
This app'm tools for more fun and more a game last trainer to each other to exchange and share!
Not a trick or cheat of the kind!ヽ will widen the circle of Pokemon GO (· ∀ ·) Roh

■ appearance information can be seen in the map!
Easy Check the monster information by tapping the Pokemon pin that is displayed on the map!
Friendly trainer Tsu'll have me to add a rare monster information!

Information is posted type of trainer confidence! ww Let Nigiwaseyo the bulletin board in real-time to up the information with comments
The range that can be confirmed not only Japan, would be able to confirm the countryside of status information from all over the world to become a travel destination or care because can cover www
Did you mean the country of their own house is in pocket stop ...! ? ! ? wwww

■ Easy posting function
Information added easy! A lot to add information is thanks to everyone!
Even if you hog Pokemon GO is Tsu not enjoy! You could use to get along became trainer and waiting!
Rare monster appearance information and gym, to share the location of the Poke stop in the trainer each other, Pokemon aim while making a realistic friend master!
Then take advantage of map-type information trade bulletin board with comments chat feature!

■ convenient navigation features!
Us to accurately guide the directions to the destination!
I so that it does not hurt to look only mobile www

■ Pokemon nest has changed ...?
Tsu'm fine! Information that has been added is anyone can edit! !
So you never lose sight of the opportunity if chasing the latest information!

■ Note
Information that has been posted it with confidence because they always check the janitor.
But, essentially information exchange bulletin board MAP So it is an object, I do not malicious use or unnecessarily stabbed pin!
I because you have removed each if not you use fun app wwww