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Introducing Glow 1.1

Your Hue lights have never looked so good.

Dynamic Scenes
- Bring new life to your Hue lights with Glow’s dynamic scenes. Combine two of your favorite scenes and watch as they fluidly morph between eachother. Create and save as many dynamic scenes as you want–you can even choose different speeds.

Apple Watch
- Control your Hue lights with incredible ease and precision, right from your wrist. Glow makes no compromises on the Apple Watch. You can do everything from quickly activating a scene, to fine tuning the hue, saturation, and brightness of an individual bulb.

Party Mode
- Create an exciting new ambience with your Hue lights by activating party mode. Choose from three different speeds and enjoy the spectacular light show Glow has to offer.

- Glow was built from the ground up to be beautifully precise. See the current color of your lights glowing softly behind the interface. Watch your scenes come to life in the app before you are even done creating them. No matter what you do in Glow, every thing looks and feels amazing.

- Apple Watch App and Glance
- Notification Center Widget
- Normal Scenes
- Dynamic Scenes
- Groups
- Party Mode
- Randomize Lights
Tanner Nelson